[thechat] Notice of Bar-bE-Volt 2001!

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Thu Sep 6 13:36:46 CDT 2001

Thursday the 13th, you're cordially invited to the first annual 
Bar-bE-volt End of Summer bash! We're shooting for 6:00pm at Miriams 
backyard on Milwaukee's beautiful East side. New and old are all 
welcome, and hopefully we have some freebie stickers and stuff :) 
Celebrate the end of summer(and the coming of Oktoberfest ;) with 
collegues and peers in the internet business at our All-American grillout

I've put up an entry in my weblog where you can find more information, 
directions, and RSVP with what you're going to bring. More info at:


We've had really good turnouts at the 5 beervolts we had this summer 
here in Milwaukee, hopefully more can make it this time! :)


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