[thechat] delete permission denied

Hugh Blair hblair at hotfootmail.com
Thu Sep 6 16:59:15 CDT 2001

Usually works:
Boot with a Win9x DOS floppy, delete file(s).
Only takes seconds, but requires 2 reboots.


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> Subject: [thechat] delete permission denied
> I'm stumped. I've got a small but growing group of files on a shared NT
> server that won't be deleted not matter what I try. They're not in use
> (according to the server manager 'files in use' thingy) and we've all got
> full permission to do whatever we want, but these files (some zips and at
> least one html) refuse to be deleted, returning the standard 'maybe the
> file's in use and you're to stupid to realize it' message.
> I remember the days when a quick pop out to DOS would allow me to delete
> ANYTHING. Not no more.
> Any ideas? There's a cold beverage of your choice on the line here
> (although, it may be a cyber beverage if you're not near SoCal . . . )
> Thanks gang.
> spinhead

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