[thechat] Fear and Loathing...

Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Sat Sep 8 02:29:08 CDT 2001

spinhead wrote on 8/9/01 1:56 am

>Maybe they were cutting it with water, like it was expensive Scotch. (I,
>however, perplex bartenders by ordering my Talisker neat. I like the
>anguishing smoky burn, thank you very much.)

Whisky should be drunk as god made it - don't drown or freeze it.

You may add a *drop* (and literally a drop) of water, just to
release the vapours, but if you notice a change in volume, you've
put in way too much.

Talisker is very nice - powerful and peppery. If you like
smoky malts, try a Clynelish. It's surprisingly smoky for
a mainland malt (it's from Brora on the north east coast).

Clynelish is also the signature flavour in Johnnie Walker Gold Label,
balancing the core sweetness of the Cardhu.


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