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Jen Worden jen at meadoworks.com
Sun Sep 9 17:59:56 CDT 2001

Hi folks ...

(figured this was enough OT to try thechat vs thelist)

My son has a Dell computer with Creative SB Live!Value sound card - 5 
connections including a 3 prong plug (1 per speaker + subwoofer). With his 
hard earned summer job money he's just purchased 18' speakers (okay they 
just *look* like they're 18 feet ;) + receiver (Sony) that he's trying to 
connect to his computer.

We can't seem to find anything that will change the 3-prong 
subwoofer/speaker connection into something useable for the receiver. 
Talked to Dell, they say it's Sony's problem. Tried to talk to Sony and 
they're unreachable.

Anyone else done this? Do we need to change the card to the more standard 3 
outlet (rather than his current 5)? Any help would be most appreciated! 
(he's rec co-ordinator for his dorm house and is looking forward to pumping 
these babies!)

cfn ... Jen

Jen Worden - Web Developer
meadoworks - http://www.meadoworks.com

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