[thechat] Palestinians

Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Tue Sep 11 15:40:13 CDT 2001

Ron White wrote on 11/9/01 9:14 pm

>I believe I was condemning the scum that were out celebrating 

Celebrating what, Ron? What empirical evidence do you have that
the footage you probably saw was related in any way?

>in the streets and passing out candy.

So you'll join me in condemning anyone who celebrates a
retaliatory attack which kills or injures civilians?

And you'll also join me in condemning all those who felt joy at
the US attacks against:
*) Libya
*) Iraq
*) Iran
*) Bosnia
*) Albania
*) Serbia
*) Nicaragua
(off the top of my head - the list is much longer)
all of which killed substantive numbers of civilians.

>since the majority of you are artistic types

Me? Artistic? Thanks for the compliment, although it's
far from true. I also hear that the renowned leftie, Mr
Hitler, liked to put brush to canvas too.

> who naturally lean far left

If 'leaning far left politically' means that I'm unable to call for
genocide, then colour me pink and call me Keir Hardie.

Oh, and fwiw, I'm pretty sure that we have a broad spread of
political opinions in evolt.

I'm also pretty certain that an escalatory circle of retaliatory
attacks would leave today's events look like a mild spanking.

It wouldn't have been *too* hard to put a nuke, say about the
size of the Hiroshima bomb, aboard one of those planes...


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>Ron White wrote on 11/9/01 6:22 pm
>>> and then you'd be advocating
>>>death for yourself and your own family.
>>Uh, what?
>The point being, Ron, you can't condemn an entire
>nation as being vermin and wish genocide upon them,
>no matter how angry and upset you are, as they are also
>people who see themselves as powerless and wronged.

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