[thechat] Palestinians

Bill bhaenel at twcny.rr.com
Wed Sep 12 12:41:14 CDT 2001

> >Save the list of our crimes as Americans for your weekly
> "USA-Sucks" meeting
> >downtown or whatever.
> Yeah, you're just complicating things.
> We don't want our fury to be tempered by any kind of perspective.
> Erika

I understand your point, and fully expected an equally sarcastic and harsh
remark in return for mine. I can't apologize for my anger as it's the only
way I find myself able to deal with the incredible fear I feel right now.

I agree that perspective is certainly necessary if we are to cope in any
kind of rational manner. And as I pointed out in my previous message, I have
no desire to harm anyone who wasn't involved in committing this crime. But I
can't help but to feel that Martin (and others' - not to target Martin
personally) are too focused on all of the terrible things America has done
to others, and trying to make it seem like we had it coming. We didn't. I
pray to God we didn't. If we did, I no longer want to live here. In fact if
we did, I can't see living in this world at all, because I can't think of
anywhere better, in spite of our 'crimes'.


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