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Wed Sep 12 15:15:41 CDT 2001

"Bill" <bhaenel at twcny.rr.com> said:

>But I can't help but to feel that Martin (and others' - not to 
>target Martin personally) are too focused on all of the terrible 
>things America has done to others, and trying to make it seem like 
>we had it coming. We didn't.

I think the general point [not that I'm trying to put words in 
anyone's mouth or anything] is not that you had it coming, but that 
what happens to you as individual Americans will invariably be shaped 
by your history, and by what you individually and collectively do as 
a 'nation', and which includes the impacts of your foreign and 
defence policies - which are allegedly carried out on your behalf, 
and by the activities of 'American' corporations.

Individuals invariably have little if any influence over such things, 
but almost always bear the brunt of their repercussions, which is one 
of those awful facts of life which was the real story of yesterday's 
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