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Thu Sep 13 01:44:12 CDT 2001

  "Bill Haenel" <bhaenel at twcny.rr.com>said:

>Sorry, but I can't think of anyone I know who would say that we "shaped"
>what happened to us yesterday, as individuals or as a nation.

It's called History, Bill. :-)

>We don't deserve a jet or two killing thousands of our people as 
>punishment for our foreign policies.

Lord knows nobody deserves that Bill, just like people don't deserve 
having their hands hacked off in Sierra Leone or little kids pelted 
with crap on their way to school. Nobody's saying otherwise!

>Our policies didn't cause this, freaky-wierdy madmen with a very 
>specific agenda and very specific interests caused this.

freaky-wierdy madmen didn't just wake up one morning, decide to hate 
someone, and chuck a dart at a map of the world you know. Rational or 
not [by anyone's standards], they have reasons for doing what they 
do, and understanding why they feel what they feel is central to 
understanding why this tragedy happened.
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