[thechat] Airlines

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Thu Sep 13 18:48:27 CDT 2001

Sorry for misleading.  Follow up:

1. Yes I am from Arcata area

2. IMO marijuana is a medicinal herb and/or recreational drug, but is 
not 'dope.'

3. Marijuana doesn't make people violent (ever been to a Greatful 
Dead concert?)

4. the flight in question was an Alaska Air flight flying from Mexico to SF.

5. Usually Horizon serves free local microbrews (or wines).
(maybe that's what you meant by 'dope'?)



>  > In fact, several months back, a crazy guy busted in the cockpit on a
>>  Horizon flight and tried to grab the controls.  The pilots and
>>  passengers had to fight him off and restrain him.
>Wow - must have been a rough ride!? Lotsa passion up in Arcata. Must be all
>the dope.
>(No offense if you're from Arcata - only dope-humor was intended here.)


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