[thechat] hometowns

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Thu Sep 13 19:36:21 CDT 2001

>I was mauled by a "Dead-Bear" once at a 'Dead show.

That sounds pretty scary, actually!

>But seriously, I still remember there being lotsa passion up there. Many,
>many causes. Always reminded me of where I am now (I also grew up here - if
>I did indeed grow up) in the northern tip of NYS. This is where many people,
>mostly unofficially labelled communists and hippies of sorts, came in the
>early seventies to get away from the establishment (including some of my

The 'back to the landers.'

Yes, people from Arcata organized in busloads to go to Seattle to 
demonstrate about WTO, etc, and then they came back and held 
informational demonstrations on the plaza. (for example).

The die-hard back-to-the-landers of course are in the Humboldt County 
hills... often with no electricity, sometimes no phone... growing 
dope (heh) listening to Reggae & bluegrass, running independent radio 
stations, etc.

My dad is an HSU professor emeritus.

Lots of indigenous people up there as well. CA's biggest reservation 
is the Yurok/Hoopa rez.  My daughter is Yurok.

At one time, I was very gung-ho to live off the grid.

But I've lived in Portland for the past year.  I finally got tired of 
being dirt-poor and helpless against 'the system.'  (Now I'm just 
moderately poor, & considerably less helpless).


>Now they all farm organically, operate their own hydroelectric mini-plants,
>and run all the universities up here, which is mostly all that's here,
>anyway. Sound familiar? It's truly one of the most beautiful, isolated
>communities in America - except for Arcata, that is. Although, not so much
>'dope'. ;-)


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