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Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Sat Sep 15 04:56:02 CDT 2001

Scott Dexter wrote on 14/9/01 10:46 pm

>> $16,500 is very close to what he quoted, and absolutely not a living 
>> wage for anyone in the urban US, unless he/she is a single person 
>> with no one to support...and even then you're pushing it.
>don't forget that while flying, stay-overs and hotels costs are paid
>for, and they get a per diem.

Which while they defray the specific costs of being away from home
(and from experience (this is my working life btw), not even
those unless the per diems are ridiculous (ours are around UKP5
per overnight)), they don't actually contribute to your net income.

Hotel costs are only useful if you don't have to maintain a home
as well. Which is fine if you're a single person, don't actuallly
care about having more posessions than you can stuff in a flight
bag, or about having somewhere to call 'home', and can really
be on the road all the time.

But few can maintain that lifestyle.


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