[thechat] "I guess we'll buy them"

Sean German seanmgerman at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 19 14:36:56 CDT 2001

Oh boy...

1.  A good number of the Jews in Israel were born in
USA, and most of those are not just there to avoid
prosecution.  So why would they turn around and come

2.  We insist Israel give equal right to
everyone...but Jews can't own land?  If you ever
wonder if Jews overreact to antisemitism, re-read that
statement.  Your idea of "equal rights to everyone" is
equal right to everyone BUT Jews?

3.  These aren't your lawyers, CPAs, and agents. 
There are exceptions, but in the USA we think of the
Jew as the last kid picked in gym class and first to
be picked as a lab partner.  In Israel the Jews have
uzis and know how to use them.  You'll get Israel away
from the Jews when you pry it from their cold, dead
hands.  And I mean that in a good way.

Maybe I'm over reacting, and your suggestion to buy
out Israel has nothing to do with the stereotype of
jewish greed.  (I realize this wasn't the start of the
"buy out" thread, but why would Israel be more
receptive to a buy out than other countries?) I give
you the benefit of the doubt and presume you deeply
regretted sending that message after realizing what it

I don't think anyone is (realistically) suggesting a
buy out as in we buy all your land and you move.  It's
more along the lines of the post-WWII buy outs--we
give the former bad guys lots of money to rebuild
economies and discover it's much more fun to conquer
us with dependable cars and cheap stereo components
than with bombs and bullets.

Sean G.

--- deke  <web at master.gen.in.us> wrote:

> Make an going-out-of-business-sale offer to Israeli 
> citizens: they sell their property in Israel to us
> at 
> a fair price, travel here at our expense, and swap 
> their Israeli citizenship for US citizenship without
> the usual waiting period. Match the Israeli policies
> for jewish immigration so that jews in the rest of
> the 
> world move here instead of moving there. We don't 
> want the property in Israel, of course, so we sell
> it 
> off, slowly so as not to disrupt the economy, with a
> covenant that it cannot be sold to a jew in the 21st
> century. And we insist that Israel give equal rights
> to everyone, regardless of race, religion, or ethnic
> origin.


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