[thechat] What can WE do?

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Thu Sep 20 08:47:51 CDT 2001

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> Subject: RE: [thechat] What can WE do?
> >Unfortunately, although these tools may make -you- feel good, they
> >won't stop
> >people bent on getting their point across with acts of violence against
> >a civilian population.
> Which acts of violence against a civilian population do you mean? Those
> of whoever was behind last Tuesday's attacks, or the urge to carpet
> bomb Afghanistan..?
> Cheers
> Martin

Those tools won't protect you from whoever was behind last week's
attacks.  All they do is make the user 'feel' good.  Totally ineffective
against the problem.

Carpet bomb Afghanistan?  Yep, but with about a million pounds/kilos 
of food.  3 feet/meters deep.  Take your choice of measurement(s).  

But also go in and extract/eliminate the real source of the problem 
at the same time. Do your best to bring these people to a court.
Then - if found guilty of creating/aiding in this violence, lock
them up for life.  And keep finding those that are of the same mind.
As da Pres said, this is a new war - I agree.  Long term.  All over the
world.  By all civilized people against those that would destroy
our people, our lives, our values.

-Cheers back,

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