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Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at compaq.com
Thu Sep 20 13:54:12 CDT 2001

Hi Joel,

+1 on Woody G.!

Sheesh ... a quick search turned up quite a number of alternative lyrics
.. none of which completely agreed with the others! ... [Hmmmm ... seems
rather 'American' by itself!] ... 

"Wrong Ron"    ;-)

[Who's more of a Phil Ochs fan himself ... the acerbic lyrics of Guthrie
and Dylan combined with a voice smoother than Ricky Nelson.]

Lyrics to Phil's "Draft Dodger Rag":

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I've also read [insert more apologies] more than one commentary re:
Guthrie's affect on US history - not as a politician, but as a writer of
acerbic protest songs. (If you ever get a chance to hear Arlo cover
Land Is Your Land,' where he sings the verses you don't learn in school,
you'll hear a very different perspective on who owns what, and whose
is whose.)

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