[thechat] civilized vs uncivilized

Erika Meyer erika at seastorm.com
Sun Sep 23 21:29:36 CDT 2001

>They are so different but in some ways so similar.  Both are oil 
>millionaires, for one thing.

duh.  Bin Laden's family has a construction business.

Actually, I think Bush & Osama/Ussamah are not much alike at all.

Ussamah's an interesting dude, no doubt about that.
Lots of links about him from this page:

I believe that he is very intelligent, bold, charismatic, and 
dangerous.  He's got that very powerful warrior God thing going.

And I think that a violent retribution from the US is exactly the 
thing that would further his agenda.


erika at seastorm.com

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