[thechat] Jedi Knight now an official religion in the UK...

Jesus G. Gorriti Jesus.Gorriti at iconmedialab.es
Mon Oct 8 10:18:54 CDT 2001

> Aside: Jedi Knight is more of an occupation than a religion, but then 
> Atheism, by definition, is certainly not a religion and they 
> list that 
> (code 335).

Actually that depends on the definition of religion.

If you understand it as believing on something through an act
of faith then Atheism is, as well, a religion. 

I am an atheist, or I want to think that. And most of the
times when I am into a discussion about religion people keep
saying that it's easier to "believe in nothing". Well, on the
contrary, it's quite hard to believe that there is no such
thing as a superior being. That's an act of faith, right?

Though I wouldn't mind acting like a Jedi Knight sometimes...


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