[thechat] branding our war

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Tue Oct 9 12:28:28 CDT 2001

This is a very small excerpt from a very long Michael Moore email 
that was forwarded to me.

It relates to the Star Wars thread.



It has been so confusing the past four weeks, what with all the 
networks calling this thing we are in by so many names: "America's 
New War," "American Under Attack," America Fights Back," "War on 
Terrorism," etc. Now, nearly every network has settled on "America 
Strikes Back."

I like this because, first of all, it honors George Lucas.  We're a humble
people, we Americans, so we can't quite bring ourselves to call it 
"The Empire Strikes Back." "Empire" sounds a little scary, and 
there's no use reminding the rest of the world that we call all the 
shots now. So "America Strikes Back" is appropriate (and, as Sunday 
was the last day of baseball, "strikes" has the necessary sports 
metaphor we like to use when bombing other countries).



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