[thechat] FW: Protesters

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Wed Oct 10 12:27:49 CDT 2001

Here you go Scotty, I know you're waiting for me.

First I'll say one thing.  When I was dead poor, desperate, barely 
surviving, powerless, I realized I have one thing as an American, 
even when all else seems lost.

I have the right to free speech.  And as long as I have it, damn if 
I'm not going to use it.

>  3).   Ask them why they are protesting. They will say that we should
>turn the other cheek and try to understand the reasoning behind the

This shows a clear lack of understanding of most activists' POV or motives.

>  > 4).   Ask them to clarify:   they will tell you that violence begets
>more violence.
>>  5).   Haul off and hit the protester square in the face.
>>  6).  When he gets up he will be pretty angry and may want to fight

Most peace protesters are prepared to respond nonviolently to physical attacks.
It ain't like it never happened before.

anyway, I think your "joke" speaks for itself.


"Welcome to 1984,
are you ready for the 3rd world war?
You too will meet the Secret Police,
They'll draft you and they'll jail your niece.

You'll go quietly to boot camp,
They'll shoot you dead make you a man.
But don't you worry 'cause it's for a cause.
Feeding global corporations' claws.

Die on our brand new poison gas,
El Salvador or Afghanistan..."

-DK 1981


USA uber alles!
USA uber alles!

c'mon... join in everyone!

USA uber alles!

cat got your tongue, what?

... hey you over there, where's your flag?

do you hate freedom?
Look at my big gun here.
Now do you love freedom?


I'm not amused.

Damn that lack of sense of humor of mine.



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