[thechat] Star Trek Enterprise

Ben Dyer ben_dyer at imaginuity.com
Wed Oct 10 14:09:02 CDT 2001

At 02:05 PM 10/10/2001, you wrote:
>now.  good old star trek.  they just ran farpoint
>station on bbc2.  another good first episode.

Heh.  I've been ODing on Science Fiction lately.  Here in the States, TNN 
ran a TNG marathon last week and my TiVo was running on overdrive trying to 
record them all.  That, plus Enterprise, plus trying to keep up with 
Farscape and I just bought the first season of Stargate SG-1 on DVD.

I'm going through my TV phase.  Within a few weeks, I'll burn out and end 
up not watching TV for like a month.


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