[thechat] Server software

Mike King mike.king at redroom.co.uk
Wed Oct 10 14:17:33 CDT 2001


I would recommend steering clear of Windows for the connection sharing, and 
going for a bit of a linux firewall thang.
Give Smoothwall (http://smoothwall.org/) a shot, it's really easy to 
install, and it'll keep you safe from all the nasties. (it repels all hack 
attempts and logs them for you.)

I've just set it up at home and I've got a server and 3 workstations behind 
I spent £100 and got an old Dell machine (any old machine 486+ will do, I 
just needed USB for my ADSL modem)

If you've got any questions give me a shout.


At 20:24 02/10/01 +0100, you wrote:
>Hi Gang
>             A few weeks ago I posted a question about building my own
>computer, which I have now successfully done, and a damn fine beast it is
>too :) A 1.5 Ghz Pentium 4 with 256 Meg of RAM and a CD-RW for under £700. I
>could have bought one with a similar spec for the same price, but it's a bit
>like buying Hi-Fi separates, you can choose exactly what you want so you
>have total control.
>             Anyway, what I now want to do is this: keep my old computer and
>use it as a server on a network. All I want to run on it is the O/S (either
>Win ME or NT4), Zone Alarm and an anti virus program. This will also be
>constantly connected to the Internet with a 56k modem so that both me and my
>wife can surf at the same time on our machines if need be. What I need is
>some software that will allow us to do that. But, because we only have 2
>monitors between 3 machines, I want to see any alerts from Zone Alarm or the
>anti virus program on one of the puters with a monitor. Is this possible,
>and can anyone recommend such a program?
>Kevin Stevens
>kjs at ratking.co.uk

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