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Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at compaq.com
Wed Oct 10 15:20:38 CDT 2001

Hi E,

Yeah - Euro TV is a lot less timid.  I remember seeing full frontal
female nudity in M-1 music videos a few years back - don't remember any
male nudity though ... I think my favorite was a european commercial for
'Woolite' ... enter a blonde woman with a midriff sweater and a magic
marker ... marks a dotted line across her midsection at the bottom of
the sweater ... whips it off and into the wash ... a quick dry ... and
dons it again ... right back to the marker line.  Effective advertising
in any language.

Dang! What a whacky twist to this thread. Is it Friday already?

(Who's always wanted to appear on page 3 of "The Sun" anyway!)    ;-)

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From: Erika Meyer [mailto:emeyer at lclark.edu]

I still remember seeing a woman's bare breasts on German TV at age 
16... I mean, it's not like it was cable or anything...

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