[thechat] Time travel exists

Garrett Coakley garrett at polytechnic.co.uk
Thu Oct 11 03:42:15 CDT 2001

Just got back from a little 10 day break in Ireland, went over to see my
mum and little sis, drink Guinness and generally slob around

I am pleased to report that all missions completed successfully.

Things that occur to me now I'm back:

* I set my subs to thelist/chat/site to no-mail while I was away. Sure
was quiet.... next time y'all are coming on holiday with me[1]

* Ferrys have got much nicer since I last used them.
http://www.irishferries.ie/ulysses/index.shtml is the one I had the
pleasure of sailing on. 

The observation deck is like the mess hall bit of the starship
Enterprise[2]. Big plate glass windows that slope out top to bottom.
Comfy seats set round uplit tables. Very nice. Shame it was night and I
couldn't see past the pointy bit of the boat[3].

* Time travel.... just go on a 16 hour coach journey. Left the village
where my mum lives at 3pm yesterday afternoon, got into Oxford at 6:55
this morning.... with what feels like nothingness in between... very
surreal experience. Time travel exists. I know... I've experienced it...
I have no idea what time it is, let alone what day of the week. 

So... anything exciting happen while I was away?

G "feeling very spaced out".

[1] Electronically I mean, not sure I'd trust dan and matt with access
to all that alcohol.

[2] Sorry.. don't know the proper name for it. Don't watch it that much.

[3] Sorry.. I do know the proper name, but it's fun to watch the
reaction of the sailing fraternity when land-lovers like me use all the
wrong words *;)

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