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Comparison of the various anti-terrorist bills going through the
US system at the moment, along with the current law.

Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle (Democrat, South Dakota)
attempted strong leadership by moving to ram through the
Draconian Anti-Terrorism Act without debate or amendment

Fortunately, not all of the Senate are willing to accept that the
will of the executive can be opposed.

Russ Feingold (Democrat, Wisconsin) dug his heels in and
insisted that the collective scrutiny of the Senate should be
brought to bear on the bill, and (hopefully) the plain stupid stuff
taken out.

I think most of the stupid stuff is just a case of not thinking it
through carefully enough - that's the problem with broadly
drawn legislation. Hopefully the scrutiny will spark off a bunch
of "Oh, hadn't thought of that" type thoughts in the executive.

Democracy and collective decisionmaking: Good Things,
especially when a crisis encourages over-reaction and
fuzzy thinking.


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