[thechat] Today, Sept 11, Dine for America

Norman Bunn norman.bunn at craftedsolutions.com
Thu Oct 11 09:58:30 CDT 2001

> Lunch or Dinner, go out to eat today, proceeds go to relief funds =)
> http://www.dineforamerica.com/
> sgd
> --

This sure beats this spam I got this morning.  Can you believe some of these
people?  How stupid do they think we are?  BTW, I reported this to the FBI
this a.m.


This is the only email I will send you to request that you join me to fight
the terrorist group that has attacked America.

I am a former American Red Cross disaster relief volunteer worker and a
former US Army Special Forces (Green Beret) officer who fought for our
country in the Vietnam War.  I am not asking you to pickup a rifle and
follow me to track down and terminate the terror groups who have already,
and pledge to continue, attacks on Americans on American soil.

Presently I am the CEO of ESP Enterprises, Inc., a company which specializes
in saving Americans money on products and services they buy and use on a
regular basis.  I have lost two dear friends who were also business
associates in the WTC terrorist attacks.  Please help me to help all the
families who have suffered the loss of love ones in these attacks and I
will, thru ESP Enterprises, Inc. and at no cost to you, help you save $200
or more on the major brand name grocery products you buy at your favorite
grocery store.

Any amount you can donate is greatly appreciated.  To thank you for your
donation of $20 or more, I will send you, at my expense, a grocery coupon
ordering book which can save you $200 or more on over 1200 national brand
name products.  You pick and order coupons for products you currently buy
and use.

On October 26, 2001 I will deliver a check to the American Red Cross WTC
victims relief fund from ESP Enterprises, Inc. with the donations collected
from this appeal.  The name (but not the address) of every donor who has
joined my army to fight terrorism will accompany this check to the American
Red Cross.

Donations can be made in cash, check or money order payable to ESP
Enterprises, Inc. with a notation on the FOR line - WTC victims relief fund.

Please send your donation to:

ESP Enterprises, Inc
WTC Victims Relief Fund
Box 14593
Pittsburgh, PA 15234


Please be sure to send your name and address with you donation.

God Bless You,
God Bless America,
Gene Kyslinger, CEO
ESP Enterprises, Inc.

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