[thechat] Time travel exists

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Wow; what a boat. When I hear 'ferry' I think of the little punt that was
replaced by the San Diego/Coronado bridge here in SoCal. Okay; it wasn't a
little punt, but it weren't no Ulysses.

Hey, Joe C - were you around in pre-bridge days? We managed to move here a
week after the grand opening of the bridge, which precipitated the closure
of the ferry system.


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> * Ferrys have got much nicer since I last used them.
> http://www.irishferries.ie/ulysses/index.shtml is the one I had the
> pleasure of sailing on.
> The observation deck is like the mess hall bit of the starship
> Enterprise[2]. Big plate glass windows that slope out top to bottom.
> Comfy seats set round uplit tables. Very nice. Shame it was night and I
> couldn't see past the pointy bit of the boat[3].

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