[thechat] Coronado bay bridge (was: Time travel exists)

Joe Crawford jcrawford at avencom.com
Thu Oct 11 11:39:53 CDT 2001

spinhead wrote:
> Wow; what a boat. When I hear 'ferry' I think of the little punt that was
> replaced by the San Diego/Coronado bridge here in SoCal. Okay; it wasn't a
> little punt, but it weren't no Ulysses.
> Hey, Joe C - were you around in pre-bridge days? We managed to move here a
> week after the grand opening of the bridge, which precipitated the closure
> of the ferry system.

Nope - I was born the year after it was built - it went up in '69.

Check this:

I think there are still some ferries, but they're gone. As a teen me and
pals used to drive over and try and meet girls at the Hotel Del - I can
still remember the girls we picked up who were *obsessed* with
peppermint schnapps - I was 15, and we were all 14-16 I think.

More images:

	- Joe <http://artlung.com/>

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