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Jeremy Weiss jw at webgambit.com
Thu Oct 11 13:48:23 CDT 2001

You know, I've kept quite throughout all this.  I've held my tongue, err...
mouse, and just kept saying that replying to all these different messages
and throwing in my $.02 worth really wouldn't help.  I don't think this will
help either, but I just can't resist.  So, for my (first, I believe) post,
I'll do what I do best.  Annoy, aggravate, and otherwise just be a pain.
Have a nice day. ;)

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From: "Erika Meyer" <emeyer at lclark.edu>

> Our welfare system is a carrot and stick game, and for three years I
> was the mule.

If you didn't like it, leave.  Don't apply.  Welfare doesn't hunt you down
and make you accept their version of help.  It's you choice.

> What does the government want welfare moms to do?  Put their children > in
an institution and take the first dead-end minimum wage job you
> can and strip--i.e. expose everything about your life--and jump thru
> hoops (fill out reams and reams of paperwork and do everything social
> worker tells you to do no matter how ridiculous...)

If you want the government's money, you play by the government's rules.

> Oh, and while I was trying to perform between the carrot and the
> stick... they refused to help me with child care costs 3 different
> times (why did I expect help?  because it was the law.).

So let me get this stright.  You decided somewhere along the lines to have
kids that you couldn't afford to raise, and then got pissed off at the
government b/c they wouldn't raise them for you?

> So trying to work without child care, I also had to build 3 different
> cases against them, all of which I won, but not before I had turned
> into a near basket case.

Seems that your time would have been better spent doing whatever nessacery
to find a higher paying job and raising your children instead of  conducting
a one woman war on the government for not supporting your children to your

> Yeah, it's my fault.  I made bad choices in life.  My ex made bad choices,

So has everyone else in life, learn from them and keep going.

> So I deserve the carrot and stick treatment, just like all the other
> welfare moms

Again, you want their money, you play by their rules.  You don't like their
rules, go get a job in their system where one of your duities is to re-write
the rules.  Otherwise, you could always move to Afghanistain.

> Erika

Ahh... you know it does feel better to let it out once in a while.  Thanks
for the chance.


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