[thechat] FW: Protesters

Marlene Bruce marlene at digitizethis.com
Thu Oct 11 14:19:54 CDT 2001

Jeremy wrote:

>I've held my tongue, err...
>mouse, and just kept saying that replying to all these different messages
>and throwing in my $.02 worth really wouldn't help.  I don't think this will
>help either

You were right, your .02 didn't help (but thanks for sharing). I 
don't think you have a clue what it means to be intelligent and 
unemployed, or a single parent. As the saying goes, "Honesty without 
compassion is brutality." Though I don't wish any ill towards you, I 
hope you gain compassion and an understanding of what it means to be 
a human being in a less-than-fortunate situation. The world is not a 
black and white place. It's not either "play by the rules or go live 
in Afghanistan." That type of sentiment shows an unfortunate lack of 
understanding of our governmental process, of realistic human 
condition, and of the complexity inherent in most situations.


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