[thechat] FW: Protesters

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Thu Oct 11 14:41:20 CDT 2001

>  > Our welfare system is a carrot and stick game, and for three years I
>>  was the mule.
>If you didn't like it, leave.  Don't apply.

yes, that is why they make it as degrading as possible. That is 
exactly the thinking.

Take it & love it... or starve.

FWIW long before I had a child I had a long period of unemployment 
and went hungry.  Did not apply for welfare and survived on Reagan 
cheese and food bank handouts.

Eudora thinks "government cheese" is a dirty word, btw.  So I have to 
call it "Reagan cheese."

I lived most of my life in a very economically depressed area. 
Logging/fishing/service industry w very high unemployment.
Very tough to make it.

>Welfare doesn't hunt you down
>and make you accept their version of help.  It's you choice.

yes, starvation and homelessness are options as well.

>If you want the government's money, you play by the government's rules.

oh, to be an airline.

>So let me get this stright.  You decided somewhere along the lines to have
>kids that you couldn't afford to raise, and then got pissed off at the
>government b/c they wouldn't raise them for you?

You are right.  The poor should not reproduce.  And bad things only 
happen to bad (or stupid) people.  Therefore it is perfectly logical 
that most prisoners are brown-skinned, that women and minorities earn 
less money than white men, and that single parents live in poverty.

>Seems that your time would have been better spent doing whatever nessacery
>to find a higher paying job and raising your children instead of  conducting
>a one woman war on the government for not supporting your children to your

"Child" not "children."

Anyway, again, you're right.  I probably shouldn't care about how 
badly the public schools are funded either.  Why expect the 
government to educate our children?  They've got weapons to sell, 
wars to fight.

>So has everyone else in life, learn from them and keep going.

I've learned more than you think.

>Again, you want their money, you play by their rules.

Don't tell me it's "their" money.  I've been a taxpayer and in the 
work force for 17 years.  And as with all US taxpayers, the biggest 
chunk of my money is goes to fund wars.

>You don't like their rules, go get a job in their system where one 
>of your duities is to re-write the rules.

Yes, that is one of my duties right here on earth.

>Otherwise, you could always move to Afghanistain.

Ah, that does my heart good.  Just like old times.
Except back in the day, they used to tell me to go back to Russia.

BTW, freedom of expression is a human right.
So please exercise it unapologetically.

One world. One love.


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