[thechat] FW: Protesters

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Thu Oct 11 15:04:20 CDT 2001

>I've held my tongue, err...
>mouse, and just kept saying that replying to all these different messages
>and throwing in my $.02 worth really wouldn't help.

I have to say that I actually think it does help.

Was I proud of being a welfare mom?  Hell no.  I'm well aware of the 
stigma, I'm well aware of what people think.  Say what you think.  It 
doesn't hurt my feelings any more than what some members of congress 
have said.

I think there are many unfortunate stereotypes out there, and if my 
personal story helps give any depth to those cardboard images, then 
it's worth telling.

I try to be fair in my responses, attack the argument and not the 
person, and I don't worry too much about pissing people off.  I would 
expect (and respect) the same from anyone.

Opinions are like you-know-what.  I tell so much of my personal life 
only to show that I haven't pulled my opinions out of thin air, and 
also because I hope that by showing my hand, someone will see that 
life and human experience are more complex and varied than what is 
shown by media sound-bites.

There is no "them" in my mind, only "us."

And even if I never change anything and just irritate people,
at least no one can say I didn't try.


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