[thechat] FW: Protesters

Tara Cleveland taracc at home.com
Thu Oct 11 15:27:25 CDT 2001

I also think that we need to get away from stereotypes. It doesn't help us to listen, hear and learn from one

Your message was the first time anyone has suggested patchoulying (sp?) enemies into submission. I also don't think
that the more hawkish among us  want to "Bomb The Everlivin' Crap out of 'Em" without any reservations. Nobody has
suggested the extremes of either/or that you have.
Although I know you were trying to show off the exteremes in the general debate, I also believe that it belittles
people's ideas, and shuts discussion down to suggest that they are saying extreme (and extremely silly or
destructive) things.

I think most of us (at least it is my impression) have found various middle grounds, and though we may not agree
with one another, I think that we've all done an exemplary job of listening (at least better than some forums) to
each other. We should stay away from stereotyping one another's ideas and beliefs.


Miriam wrote:


> My whole point has that there seems to be such a polarized debate here-
> either Love & Hug & Patchouli one's enemies into submission, or Bomb The
> Everlivin' Crap out of 'Em.  The Either/Or approach doesn't work.  We need
> to find a workable middle ground.  Here's an analogy (and I know it's not
> going to be popular but please don't extrapolate too far, it's JUST an
> analogy):  Ever see the way some people train their dogs (or children)? When
> people approach it with the same polarity, there are disastrous results -
> either a completely out-of-control monster dog (or child) or a disgusting
> case of criminal abuse.  The awesomest dogs and kids? Rewarded for good
> behavior but knowing their limits.


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