[thechat] FW: Protesters

Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Thu Oct 11 15:34:25 CDT 2001

Marlene Bruce wrote on 11/10/01 9:27 pm

>I said doesn't ignore the fact that there are squatters taking 
>advantage of the system, or conversely that there are people who've 
>legitimately fallen on hard times and find themselves bucking heads 
>with the system.

Unfortunately, too many governments (ours for sure) have taken
the line "We will do our best to make sure that not one squatter
will get a penny. Even if that means that a few legitimate claimants
get screwed".

A just and compassionate policy would be to draw the default
the other way "We will do our best to ensure that every legitimate
claimant has their needs met. Even if that means that a few
squatters get a free ride."

And yes, I do pay tax at a reasonably high rate.

(the one with a negative tax allowance - UK folks
will understand)

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