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Miriam Frost mfrost at walthers.com
Thu Oct 11 15:49:08 CDT 2001

> Your message was the first time anyone has suggested patchoulying (sp?)
> enemies into submission. I also don't think that the more hawkish among us
> want to "Bomb The Everlivin' Crap out of 'Em" without any reservations.
> Nobody has suggested the extremes of either/or that you have.

I was talking about the extremes of soundbites/opinions/options discussed in
the media. I was not talking about anyone here. My original post:

"some people (myself included) are a wee befuddled by the extremes taken by
some of the more Dove-ish population; this gets to the heart of that
frustration.... Then again, some people (myself included) are a wee
befuddled by the Official American Response So Far..."

was in defense of Scott, who took quite a browbeating for his (kinda
tasteless) post regarding steps to take when talking to the extremes of the
anti-war prostesters.

And I don't know how this got onto welfare...
The people of Afghanistan have not declared war on us; a very wealthy wierdo

Peace out,

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