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Jeff C jeffc33 at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 11 17:07:51 CDT 2001

>And I don't know how this got onto welfare...
>The people of Afghanistan have not declared war on us; a very wealthy 
>Peace out,

Yes. let's try and bring this back to the original subject.
Some people become a bit frustrated at the attitude of some of the peace 
protesters.  The way that I read the originally post wasn't "You should beat 
the stuffing out of every protestor that you see."  It was more along the 
lines of "It's easy to say that violence should only be met with nonviolence 
on a theoretical level.  What if the attack was on a more personal level?"  
To put it another way, if you think that nonviolence is the only solution, I 
don't think you understand the question.

Fact:  Some people flew some airplanes loaded with fuel into some buildings, 
thereby killing many people.

What do you propose we do about that?  Modify our policies to meet the 
desires of the terrorist?  In my opinion, we can't now.  To change policy 
now would validate the use of terrorism as a means of achieving political 
goals.  Instead what we must do is destroy terrorism so that others will not 
try the same method of enacting policly changes by the US.  One way to 
cripple terrorist is to make it too costly for governments to support 
terrorist groups or to offer them safe haven.  That is why we are attacking 
the Taliban.  We must also make it costly to be a terrorist, so we are 
attacking specific targets that we know are terrorist training camps or in 
some way associated with known terrorist.

You may not agree with me, and I may not agree with you.  That's the beauty 
of America.  Differences of opinion can exist side by side. And as for one 
of the comments regarding people moving to Afghanistan, I don't agree.  I 
appreciate having people on the list that I disagree with.  It validates our 
system.  Besides, I'm not always right, so a different perspective is 
sometimes helpful.  Sometimes it is also aggravating, but that doesn't 
really matter.

So, yes, peace is a wonderful thing, but so is living in a world where you 
know that someone isn't going to try and kill you to make a political point.


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