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Marlene Bruce marlene at digitizethis.com
Thu Oct 11 17:39:06 CDT 2001

>Instead what we must do is destroy terrorism so that others will not 
>try the same method of enacting policly changes by the US.

Policies will probably have to change anyway, but there *are* wise 
ways to approach the situation in the hopes of "destroying" 
terrorism. The problem may be summed up thus:

"This is the reality we face: Recruitment happens on a sustained 
basis. It will not stop with the use of military force, in fact, open 
warfare will create the soils in which it is fed and grows. Military 
action to destroy terror, particularly as it affects significant and 
already vulnerable civilian populations will be like hitting a fully 
mature dandelion with a golf club. We will participate in making sure 
the myth of why we are evil is sustained and we will assure yet 
another generation of recruits."

More at:


P.S. For those who already read it, the URL points to the essay, "The 
Challenge of Terror" which I submitted here yesterday.

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