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Thu Oct 11 19:17:52 CDT 2001

--- Ben Dyer <ben_dyer at imaginuity.com> wrote:
> At 02:05 PM 10/10/2001, you wrote:
> >now.  good old star trek.  they just ran farpoint
> >station on bbc2.  another good first episode.
> Heh.  I've been ODing on Science Fiction lately. 

Yeah, me too. I got into Farscape well into the 
season so I'm kinda lost. Just got into X-Files since
March or April. My daughter recorded Enterprise for
us and I loved it. (Our satellite dish - DirecTV - 
doesn't pick up UPN until Jan 1.) So we're still
waiting on Buffy* and Roswell openers and the 2nd
Enterprise episode. At least we can watch Charmed* 
tonight and we also get SG-1 and Angel*. 

> Here in the States, TNN 
> ran a TNG marathon last week and my TiVo was running
> on overdrive trying to record them all.  That, plus 

Every time I watch "the Inner Light" I'm amazed all
over again at how well written, acted, directed, etc
that one was. And I always miss my all-time fav - 
"Darmok and Jillard at Tenagra" or whatever it's 
called. I think I've only seen it twice.

> Farscape and I just bought the first season of
> Stargate SG-1 on DVD.

Oh, you've GOT to tell me more about this!! Send me
a URL or something. ANYthing!
> I'm going through my TV phase.  Within a few weeks,

Well, in November we get HP on the big screen then
LotR on Dec 19. BTW, anybody catch the LotR trailer on

the season opener for Angel? Long, detailed trailer.
Looks really totally [insert your favorite hyperbole

I guess I should subscribe to a scifi list somewhere,

Terry Fowler

* okay, technically not SciFi, but in the family.

PS - oh, I couldn't sleep last night so I got up at
     1am and finally watched the video of the Voyager
     series finale. Thought it was pretty good. Lots
     better, I thought, than the DS9 series finale.

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