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Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at compaq.com
Fri Oct 12 08:09:49 CDT 2001

Hi Iris,

While I've agreed with a number of things you've said.  This bit ...

people are trying to shut up the protesters because
they are speaking out about what this is really about,

... I have to disagree with.  Folks may want the protesters to shut up
because they are annoying ... or because they are afraid ... or for a
fairly large number of other and often quite personal reasons....

I don't believe that the <insert your choice: 'protesters',
'pro-war-mongers', 'Palistinians', 'Pekinese', 'patchouli enhanced
pub-dwellers'> have a monopoly on either truth or intelligence.

Besides, there seem to be a number of different "protesters" in a number
of different places ... saying quite different things.


(Former protest speaker and march-leader)

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