[thechat] eventer? (was: war)

Andrew Forsberg andrew at thepander.co.nz
Fri Oct 12 18:16:06 CDT 2001

It's a term used to describe a 'type' of horse. Type in inverted 
quotes because it's not tied to any specific breed (that I know of).

Eventers go to events, and do eventing. Errr.

You know the sort of thing: following a set course, jumping jumps, 
splashing through water, trying to get a better time, and better 
style scores, than other horses. There's a magazine I found on google 
which is devoted to it (the covers are kinda funny):


I meant that Richard I, at least from the feeble amount of middle 
english history I know, really really liked galloping around on 
horses, and chopping heads of infidels. Even after getting captured, 
ransomed, and bankrupting his country, he headed straight back for 
another crack at it. A M.E. analog to modern day eventers I suppose 
-- dreaming all day long about sport while they're behind a desk. 
Except he had the money, power, and men to take eventing to a whole 
other level.

So, he neglected his duties as king of England to go eventing. :-S

>is that a colloquialism I need to know? I love learning English!

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