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Fri Oct 12 20:34:38 CDT 2001

>The problem may be summed up thus:
>"This is the reality we face: Recruitment happens on a sustained
>basis. It will not stop with the use of military force, in fact, open
>warfare will create the soils in which it is fed and grows. Military action 
>to destroy terror, particularly as it affects significant and
>already vulnerable civilian populations will be like hitting a fully
>mature dandelion with a golf club. We will participate in making sure
>the myth of why we are evil is sustained and we will assure yet
>another generation of recruits."

Recruitment will happen, no matter what actions we take or don't take.
The idea isn't to destroy terrorism with military action.  The idea is to 
deprieve terrorist of a home base from which they can operate.  Hence, we 
tell the Taliban do these things to help end terrorism or we will attack 
your base of power.

To follow along with the gardening analogy you cited, it would be like going 
up to a homeowner and saying.  "Your yard is full of dandelions.  You should 
weed them out, because dandelions are bad for everyone.  If you don't want 
to do it, we'll stop by and put on some weed killer."

That article also states
"We need a new metaphor, and though I generally do not like medical 
metaphors to describe conflict, the image of a virus comes to mind because 
of its ability to enter unperceived, flow with a system, and harm it from 

I would submit that it is more like a parasite than a virus.  Let's say that 
there is a person walking with leeches on their bodies.  The leeches move 
from that person to attack another person.  Don't you think it would be a 
good idea to go to the first person and say "You need to get rid of the 
leeches.  They're bad for everybody.  If you don't want to do it yourself, I 
can hold you down remove the leeches for you."

As for the three suggestions offered by the author;
"1. Energetically pursue a sustainable peace process to the 
Israeli/Palestinian conflict."
"2. Invest financially in development, education, and a broad social agenda 
in the countries surrounding Afghanistan ..."
"3. Pursue a quiet diplomatic but dynamic and vital support of the Arab 
League to begin an internal exploration of how to address the root causes of 
discontent in numerous regions. "

Yes, of course.  These are goals that need to be worked on.  But first we 
need to get rid of some of the leeches and let the hosts for those leeches 
know that parasites are tolerated at a heavy price.


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