[thechat] RE: [thelist] Horrific Websites

Andrew Forsberg andrew at thepander.co.nz
Mon Oct 15 23:24:08 CDT 2001

>It's the ukelele link.
>I'm *still* laughing.

The ukulele lessons are excellent! What are you talking about? I'm 
thinking of rinking to his site with a mandorin tutorial I've been 
meaning to write. :)

My favourite has got to be:


The comments:
>"You love it"
>Warning: Do not look directly at this site. Also, mute the volume on 
>your computer. Trust me on this one.

Screw that - turn the volume up!!!

Still, the cats aren't too pleased with it. The poor fat darlings 
haven't had to run like that since they first endured the Yoko Ono 
cover on the Sonic Youth 'Goodbye 20th Century' album. Heh.

Andrew Forsberg
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