[thechat] Mac question

Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Wed Oct 17 02:52:52 CDT 2001

isaac wrote on 17/10/01 6:35 am

>> program Resedit way back in 1994 (AFAIK). You can get third party 
>> tools, but an OS where users can't change what a file associations 
>> reliably without third party software, or defrag a drive, is a bit 
>> useless.
>i'd just like to say:
>suck on that, martin. ;)

Resedit is still available for download, and as it's a powerful tool,
you wouldn't want it in the hands of most users.

It's been a number of years since I've defragged a Windows
disk without Norton - Macs don't seem to get as fragmented
anyway in my experience.

Apple also have a history of encouraging 3rd party developers,
and then buying the best add-ons to bundle with the OS, like
the clock app, which was a separate addon called Superclock,
and Apple bought it to stick into the OS in the days when MS
didn't even have a taskbar to put a clock on.


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