Desert Island Stuff [was: Re: [thechat] O Brother, drugs, movies, and hats]

Seb seb at
Mon Oct 29 06:26:34 CST 2001

> > Just finished watching O Brother, which has
> > instantly been added to my seven Desert Island DVDs,
> Now this is an interesting new concept to me. After
> the tequila wears off and work is done I'd be
> interested in hearing the other 6. Do people also have
> 7 Desert Island music cds? 7 novels? 7 POMs? Should
> this be a new topic? Or am i the only one sleep
> deprived enough to think this is interesting?? :)
> Terry

Well, best place to start is :

I seem to remember Desert Island Discs being seven items years ago, not
quite sure when the format changed.

The other 6 DVDs? Hmmm.

It's a Wonderful Life - Frank Capra (1946)
Chasing Amy - Kevin Smith (1997)
The Empire Strikes Back - George Lucas (1980)
Bladerunner - Ridley Scott (1982)
The Matrix - Andy and Larry Wachowski (1999)
Le Grand Bleu - Luc Besson (1988)

And if I only get to take one book, it's the collected Lord of the Rings

The luxury item? One metric ton of finest quality Moroccan weed. Don't worry
about rescuing me. :)


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