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Mon Oct 29 07:17:33 CST 2001

Hi Judah,

Ah ... "best guitar solos" is always good for some mileage!   ;-)

[Personally, I thought Stevie Ray's 'Texas Flood' and 'Pride and Joy'
were his best.]

But I have to give my 'best solo' vote to Steve Vai ... brought in as
"stunt guitar" by Frank Zappa (a mean guitarist in his own right!) ...
on a song called [unfortunately] "Sexual Harassment in the Workplace".
{Gee - I wonder why it didn't get much radio play?}

First time I heard it - Steve was well into the solo before I realized
it WAS a guitar!   Outrageous! ... I had to go out and buy a "Best of
Frank" disc - just to get a copy.


For blues I have too many favorites ... mainly depending on my mood.
Maybe some Robbin Ford if it's quiet so I can appreciate the subtle
technical work.  Duke Robillard if I feel like some 'jump-back blues'.
How about Jeff Healey's cover of 'Hideaway' on the "See the Light" album
for more of a Chicago-blues feel?  Maybe some classic Johnnie Winters if
I'm feeling rowdy ....

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Ok, I have to dispute that Things I Used to Do is the most amazing blues

guitar solo on record.  I would have to give that nod to his version of 
Little Wing on Sky Is Crying.  That solo has everything imaginable that
guitar can do.  And it all works together.

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