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Tue Oct 30 01:22:35 CST 2001

>  > What was it about Fargo that didn't do it for you?
>The blood gushing out of the top of the deputies
>head was pretty, well, I saw something like that in
>person once and couldn't see the entertainment value
>in it.

I didn't say it was a picnic in springtime :) -- seriously, though, 
it had me worried, angry, sickened, and concerned about who I should 
be rooting for. And it was scenes like the one with the deputy which, 
while not strictly-speaking 'entertaining', definitely set a deeply 
unpleasant atmosphere around the kidnappers. It was disturbing in a 
way Schwarzenager (sp?) movies, for example, couldn't possibly be.

>Also, there were too many just plain bad
>people in it.

Yup. Though: Margie was kinda cool, and the rest of the police were 
ok. I liked the police questioning of the prostitutes: 'Could you 
describe either of them.' -- 'Well, one was kinda short.' -- 'And the 
other was like the marlboro man.' -- 'You mean: he was tall, dark, 
and wore some sort of hat.' -- 'Naaaaww. He chain-smoked 

>OTH, I did enjoy the woodchipper scene.
>So I'm kinda fickle.

I think it was the being torn between disgust and amusement that got 
me with Fargo. 'So wuz that ya freeend in the wudchippaaa?' :S

>Forest Whitaker as a samurai hitman for a mafia
>Yeah, that sounds like it's got some potential.

It's slick, funny, and has enough weirdness to keep it moving. IMO at least.

>Since my drug detox has gotten me a paid medical
>leave of absence till Nov 12 I'm hoping to go catch
>K-PAX tomorrow or the next day. Just thought I'd
>throw that in.

Best of luck!

Andrew Forsberg
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