[thechat] Great Covers (was: Remakes)

Quackamoe quackamoe at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 30 01:23:37 CST 2001

--- spinhead <evolt at spinhead.com> wrote:
> Lazy Moon - could you send a link? Can't find that
> info.

Heh, can't find what I was looking at the other day
but I found this:


It's a survey for which Ollie song is your favorite.
He did sing "Shine on Harvest Moon" in Flying Deuces.
Just cast my vote and Harvest Moon has about an inch
advantage over Lazy Moon.

> Donovan - amazing, but I can't think of any either.
> One of my favorite writers; simple tunes, pithy

Last year my wife bought me 'Sutras', which seems to
have been recorded around '99 or '00. REAL good. She
also bought be 'Troubador' which is a 2 CD set
most of his career. Some favorites are missing, eg. 
Peregrine Falcon and Lord of the Reedy River. Oh, and
'We Were Only Having A Bath You Know'.  

> Beatles - I believe the most covered song of all
> time was 'Michelle.'

Oh yeah? Well, I heard it was Yesterday, but between
your Moroccan weed and my RX stuff, what do we know,

Terry who just used up the rest of his Best Buy
Day gift certificate to buy David Arkenstone's "Celtic
Book of Days." Then put it on mix and repeat and
to it for hours and hours. Now I wish I had gotten
a greatest hits by REM or something. I wouldn't have
listened to that so many times in a row!

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