[thechat] IE6

spinhead evolt at spinhead.com
Tue Oct 30 20:03:08 CST 2001

[warning: heavy Microsoft user approaching; opinions may not reflect those
of a normal user]

I upgraded all my machines as soon as I saw the beta. Got the final on all
of them now. I like the print preview (came w/5.5) because I do lots of
printable forms in house and it's a cool tool. I like the vertical text
abilities 'cause I code our intranet, and I can put an identical browser on
identical desktops with identical settings and make it look like we want it

Didn't seem to de-stabilize my systems. Doesn't misbehave in any way I can


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> Is anyone using this yet? Is it any good?
> Thanks,
> Ron White

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