[thechat] RE: culture-differences

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Wed Oct 31 12:13:45 CST 2001

Madhu wrote:

>>See the kids eating the paint chips?
>I get CNN here. They don't show much of that though. :)

There's a hell of a lot CNN doesn't show.
But you knew that.

Comments I got while living in Germany (1985)

- "In the US blacks have to sit in the back of the bus."
(no, not since the 1960's)

- "Americans eat rice for breakfast!"
(no, only I do that.  I'll eat cold pizza, too.)

- "In the US, you are really sexually free.  You are always having 
sex in cars.  Like on 'American Graffiti.'"
(The US is as prude as Britney Spear's belly is bare...)

If it is true that Americans enjoy sex in cars, it's for these reasons:

1. American teenagers are not allowed to have sex in their homes.  So 
they "make it" in their cars.
2. American cars are bigger than European cars.  Cadillac.  Chevy Van.  SUV.
3. Since it is anatomically impossible for American's to have sex 
WITH their cars, the next best thing is to have sex IN their cars.


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