[thechat] London Beervolt

Mike King mike.king at redroom.co.uk
Thu Nov 1 12:00:03 CST 2001

>um... more beer? Did I get it right?

Ping! Correct... and your prize is... MORE BEER! (with a whisky chaser)

> >>For Norman & Megan's benefit, this is me:
> >>http://www.easyweb.co.uk/pics/dropbox/DSC00717.jpg
> >You look younger everytime I see you Martin ;)
>Yeah, but the pic is in our attic and I'm being held by my mirror...

No, I was doing the old 'which one are you' gag... alright it was crap... 
...and for that a bad joke...

What the cannibal do after dumping his girlfriend?
Wiped his arse!


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