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> so the one cannibal says, "I really don't like your brother" and the other
> one says, "So, just eat the vegetables!"
> and another one says to his buddy, "Hey, I just passed your brother back
> there."

Three guys are stranded on an island and are captured by cannibals... The
chief of the cannibals says to the three men, "I'll give you all one chance
at life... you may choose any one weapon or item that I have in my
kingdom... you will be set free for 30 seconds and then my cannibals will
come after you...

If you escape their grasps, you are free to go... if we capture you, your
skin will be used to make our new canoe"...

He then asks the first guy to choose... Nervous about making the decision,
he frantically runs around the kingdom until he stumbles on a little
revolver... He grabs the gun and a handful of bullets and takes off into the

30 seconds later, as promised, the chief yells out, "The hunt is on"... On
that command, hundreds of cannibals run off into the jungle hunting the man

In no time they find the man and although he has the gun, there are too many
cannibals and eventually they overpower him and skin him for the canoe...

The chief asks the second man what he would like and seeing what little good
the gun or any weapon would do he says to the chief, "Give me your fastest
horse"... The chief grants him that and the man takes off...

30 seconds later the cannibals pursue the man... With their intense
knowledge of the terrain and large numbers, they swiftly surround the man,
who was lost and bewildered, and skin him for the new canoe...

The chief then asks the third man what weapon or item he would like, and the
man, who had been contemplating a plan to outsmart them, says, "Give me a
fork"... The chief amazed and confused at the man's request says, "A fork!,
what are you gonna do with a fork?"...

The man replies, "Just give it to me, dammit"... The chief then hands the
man a fork...

The man grabs it and starts stabbing himself all over his body and yells
out, "Here's to your freaking canoe!"

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