[thechat] Terrorism School

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Thu Nov 1 14:51:35 CST 2001


There is going to be non-violent vigil at Fort Benning in about 2 weeks.

According to SOA watch site, last year 10,000 people attended, & 
nearly 2,000 were jailed.

What the Guardian article did not emphasize, and what I can't help 
but notice, is that so many of the victims of US-sponsored terror are 
Indigenous peoples (aka misnamed 'Indians'); usually these are tribal 
people who want to keep their culture and languages intact, who want 
to be independent, who want to be free of corporate control. 
Struggles for land and resources are often involved.

Colonizers (nation-states) tend to only appreciate Indigenous 
cultures (art, song, customs) once the people are powerless or nearly 


>The Brits are writing some amazing journalism. I had this forwarded 
>to me this morning, it was news to me: 'Backyard Terrorism'
>>'I dream only of having my hand again'
>Andrew Forsberg


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